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'This Guy Games is an independent game developer based in the Northwest, UK. We are currently in the creation process of our first game 'SpaceBoy', set to be released for PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Wii U.

Team Member

Where does one begin to find the words to describe the man known as Jay Ashcroft? A man that was once seen to fight off the walrus that claimed John Lennon's life.

Jason "Jay" Ashcroft

Game Designer

Team Member

You may have heard of the legends that speak of Montee. They say he was brought up by wolves in the Scottish Highlands 700 years ago. Every single word is truth.

Andrew "Montee" Montana

Artist / Game Designer

Team Member

There have been many words used to describe Mathew Hoey. Words which could inspire a score of men to gladly give their life in battle. Words like, "meh" and "who?".

Matthew Hoey

Artist / Game Designer

Team Member

Considered by many to be the next billionaire playboy, Oliver Hughes has never let his intellectual pursuits get in the way of his true passion of caring for very small orphaned animals.

Oliver Hughes

Game Designer / Programmer

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